Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fat Fabric

So I have always wanted to sew and I assumed my mother knew this.  My grandmother used to sew and make most of my clothes, my mother had a sewing machine but I dont remeber her using it much.  About 8 years ago I found out when she made the sewing cabinet into a bead cabinet that she had sold the sewing machine without even telling me! The audacity.  Ever since I have toyed with the idea of getting one.  Anywho this weekend I was in Joann's and stumbled across this fabric and I couldn't not buy it.

It was too cute.  I know of someone who has a sewing machine that would let me borrow it, so I am going to try and sew my first project.  I will link to the pattern I used if it comes out like I want it to.
Now for knitting I thought I would post some random pics, for instance, this is from a Salvatore Ferragamo ad.  I thought they just did shoes and if you can see the whole ad, I still have no idea what they are selling, but the knitting was intriguing.
I am very curious about the puffi-ness of those cables.
Also I will probably never make these, (not because of the sentiment but because I have not done much color-work) but I love them nevertheless.

However, I unabashedly love this t-shirt :

It makes me think of him :

The coolest llama ever.

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