Thursday, January 27, 2011

Epic Fail

Cookies very epic fail.
Intoxicated baking is never a good idea, even though it may seem like one at the time.......
Yet to balence out my sadness, I was able to get some yarn at half price from Tuesday Morning.
So, yea!
This is Universal Yarn.
And this is some yarn very similar to Sublime yarn and it is from Ella Rae :
This is 4 50g balls wound 2 together.
New nails also help with sadness especially since I got to use new mattifier top coat.

An oldie but a goodie where I took a better picture :

And now for the truth :

And I will leave you with a Wishlist Item :

Physicians Formula Bronzer Makeup that looks like knitting
Bonus points for using the word Cashmere

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