Sunday, January 30, 2011

My beliefs

Even thought this is primarily a knit blog, I thought maybe it was time I shared more about my beliefs.  Even though in polite society I was brought up (rightly) by never discussing in public, religion or politics, I am amazed at the people who disregard this little nugget of wisdom.
I am doing it here because I get to.  It's my blog and I get to say whatever I want.  Its very liberating actually.  But mainly just because I found some quotes that sum up my beliefs pretty well......
For this one I just mentally delete the word "children's".
Next, I would never put a bumber sticker on my beloved car. Ever. But if I had a crappier car I just might make an exception for this one :

And because it is so true I WILL have this tee one day. If for nothing else than to remind me that I should not let all the miserable people out there grind me down. 
Same sentiment, awesome artwork :
And finally how I deal with haters, religious zealots and political gasbags:
I renew my subscription whenever necessary.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fat Fabric

So I have always wanted to sew and I assumed my mother knew this.  My grandmother used to sew and make most of my clothes, my mother had a sewing machine but I dont remeber her using it much.  About 8 years ago I found out when she made the sewing cabinet into a bead cabinet that she had sold the sewing machine without even telling me! The audacity.  Ever since I have toyed with the idea of getting one.  Anywho this weekend I was in Joann's and stumbled across this fabric and I couldn't not buy it.

It was too cute.  I know of someone who has a sewing machine that would let me borrow it, so I am going to try and sew my first project.  I will link to the pattern I used if it comes out like I want it to.
Now for knitting I thought I would post some random pics, for instance, this is from a Salvatore Ferragamo ad.  I thought they just did shoes and if you can see the whole ad, I still have no idea what they are selling, but the knitting was intriguing.
I am very curious about the puffi-ness of those cables.
Also I will probably never make these, (not because of the sentiment but because I have not done much color-work) but I love them nevertheless.

However, I unabashedly love this t-shirt :

It makes me think of him :

The coolest llama ever.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Epic Fail

Cookies very epic fail.
Intoxicated baking is never a good idea, even though it may seem like one at the time.......
Yet to balence out my sadness, I was able to get some yarn at half price from Tuesday Morning.
So, yea!
This is Universal Yarn.
And this is some yarn very similar to Sublime yarn and it is from Ella Rae :
This is 4 50g balls wound 2 together.
New nails also help with sadness especially since I got to use new mattifier top coat.

An oldie but a goodie where I took a better picture :

And now for the truth :

And I will leave you with a Wishlist Item :

Physicians Formula Bronzer Makeup that looks like knitting
Bonus points for using the word Cashmere

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scoodie Unveiling

I love quiet winter days.....
Kitty cat under the electric blanket, so sweet,

Yet the following picture seemed to catch her true inner ire at being disturbed during mid-morning nap time. Not to be confused with early morning, post wet food breakfast, or midday, midafternoon, evening nap time.

                                                   Blazing eyes of fire-y annoyance.
Been doing some spring cleaning.
This is what happens when you have long hair.

Even though we paid for the top notch vacuum on the market, Dyson still hasn't figured out how to tackle this.  I dont know though, we bought this one back when they first came out, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope that they have done their homework.
I have also been doing some cooking/baking which I tend to want to do in the winter.  Mostly just make cucidati (Koo-chi-da-ti), which are Italian fig cookies my Sicilian grandmother used to make, unfortunately I never got her recipe.  The ones I made last year were ugly but oh-so-tasty. The filling is supposed to be figs only but last year I couldn't find enough and added in dried cherries and strawberries.  This year I am doing dried apricots and prunes with the figs, and some cherries too.  Basically all the dried fruit in the house. I am quite liberal with the bourbon & whiskey.  This has been marinating in my fridge since last Thursday.
We are gonna make them tonight.  Hopefully they will be prettier than last years but just as yummy.
Now on to the yarn.
This is a project I am trying to work out for a hat for my brother. I am calling it Hatch Hat and am still working out the pattern which I searched relentlessly for and asked around for any information.  It started as all obsessions : I saw some guy with a hat on and foolishly did not go up to him and embarrass myself and him by asking to take a picture of his hat.  My bad.
So of course after all this I find some random scribbling of mine that is different from the pattern I have been trying (see below) so I am going to try that one soon to see what the difference is between them.  BTW it is called Hatch Hat because, for anybody familiar with AutoCAD, it looks just like the earth hatch in the materials library.

I am not really happy with how this is knitting up, this is actually a pic of holding yarn double on my swatch, for the actual project I am just doing one strand and in the round.  But   still   not    liking     it.  ugh.
Finally got the correct yarn to complete Hoodie Devoted :

Now I just need to again be devoted to this project and get it done.  But I will say this for the pattern so far, what you seen in my pic is a doubled over fabric and if they would have had a plain row of knitting for the first couple of rows it would have been so much easier to join instead of that first row being a cabled row, just sayin, that was not fun knitting for me. 
My Scoodie :

Apparently the walk in the park was too much for its inaugural debut :

WTF? Now I have to figure out how to fix that ?!? Ahh, the joys of knitting, although that is crochet, so there.
Now back to figurative warm fuzzies.
My current obsession : nail polish.  This is what I have on now :

But I am real excited about upcoming colors :

Especially since I got this :

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yarn Crawl

So I thought I would post some pics of me and Jean on our New Orleans Yarn Crawl.

The first was the Garden District Needlework Shop.  I had been here before when I creweled looking for crewel yarn (which they have) but I hadnt been since I learned to knit.  Which has not been that long, PJ taught me on November 4, 2009, but I am only 1 among many of her accolytes. We miss you PJ!
Anyway, this store is great, Jean loved that they had a whole room of sale yarn and pattern books for sale.  I didn't get any but their selection of Koigu is amazing, I love their color combinations.  Basically they had a wide selection.  I saw affordable yarns and some crazy expensive stuff that is just fun to look at and touch.
Like the fur yarn. I have to say that I am not a fan.  It kinda looks like roadkill knit up.  I am sure the rep and LYS would kill me for saying that since it is like $45/skein, but nobody reads this anyway so I can write what I want.
Here I am with my Manos Silk Blend Citric (the name is so appropriate) now I just have to figure out what I want to do with it.  A cowl I think.  Big surprise, right?
We had fun.
Ok now on to the next store :
The Quarter Stitch

They are primarily a needlework shop but they carry alot of nice yarns, including my fav : Collinette Jitterbug.  Also some Koigu, but mostly in the lavender and blue color ways I believe.  I love that their store is so whimsical. 

 I had to get my Malabrigo, which if you are reading this maybe you read my previous rant about how that went.  BTW, I had to go back and exchange to get the right color and they were very accomodating since I couldn't find my reciept.  Thank goodness Jean told me not to ball wind it till I had gotten home to see if it matched.  Their one quirk at the store is not keeping the labels on the Malabrigo apparently the owner thinks the yarns look pretty if they are in their cute basket without the tag.  Well, ok, but cant you keep them and give it to me when I purchase the yarn?  This only makes sense as alot of info is on that tag for us knitters as well as the person we give our finished gift to, such as washing instructions.  Just a suggestion.  But a really good one. Seriously.  They really do the cutest bagging job ever! Check it :

Just another suggestion though, handles on the bag would have made it so much easier.  I'm just sayin.
Ok, I was gonna let Jean post her pics on her blog, but I couldn't resist, I love it!

So then we went to the Grocery Store and had the most amazing muffalettas in this place time forgot in Italy.  It was like being back at my grandmother's house.  The smells and the just general Italian-ness of it all.  However, they are so Soup-Nazi here, Seinfeld reference for those that don't know.  I really never did see a menu and I went up to counter and just said the first thing I could think of : "Uhm, muffaletta? Half?" I felt like I was holding up a non-existant line the whole time.
Then we had to have beignets so we went to :
Yum! A must, but not on Saturday.  Wednesday was great, no line, we even got inside! Islay goes : "I didn't even know there was an inside."

Ok and on to our third store :

Bette Bornside Yarns. I don't know if the lady that runs it is Bette, but that what I call her in my head.
I love that pic, Jean took most of these but I got that one!
I adore this store, the lady that runs it is super nice and an extremely knowledgable knitter.  I wish I lived closer I would pester her incesantly.  I have heard that some people dont like it because she only has her samples out in the front room and you tell her what color and how many and she goes into the back and gets it.  I don't see the problem with it, it doesn't bother me.  I got the rest of the Cleckheaton Heather yarn I needed to make my OWLS sweater.  Of course I am going to have to hold two together but I knew that going into this project.  She also said she would hold a couple of skeins for me for 6 months in case I needed more.  No other yarn store I have been to has offered this before so I was impressed and intimidated.  That means I have to knit this in 6 months, which sounds like a long time, but I have yet to make a single garment.  Hell I havent even done socks yet!!  I am hoping that will change this year but we shall see. Oh and I finally gave into the desire I had when I first visited her shop back in May, I asked about the Twinkle chunky in Urchin and she didn't have that color.  This time she did.  So I practised restraint and only got 1 skein even though I wanted all 3.  Jean was laughing at me because I literally was petting this hank like a little baby animal.  So soft.

So that was our fun day in New Orleans.  Oh, and I saw this and had to get a pic, I want a vintage one so much, I think it is the Italian genes calling out.

But really I just wanna look like this :

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Carrots and Sunset

So Wednesday we went to New Orleans and I knew I needed more Malabrigo for Hoodie Devoted and I knew I should bring my project to match colors. But I did not listen to myself, nor did I pay attention to the nagging voice in my head telling me I would never pick a color so close to red.
Well this is what I discovered when I got home Wednesday night:
So I had to go back to New Orleans on Friday to exchange it.  Thankfully I did not have Jean wind it up at Knit Nite, and the ladies at the LYS were super nice and let me exchange even though I didnt have my receipt.  I found it in the car the next day.
Lexa throughout all my ravings :

I'll leave you with this:

Things are looking Bleak....and low.

 So I started Bleaklow as a KAL.  I wanted it to be the first thing I knit with my new KnitPicks Zephyr needles.  Of course I decided that I would do it "by the book" so I promptly started my gauge swatches.
The first I knit with US8 like the pattern called for :
It is supposed to be 10cm, so I did another one with US 7:

Crap.  So I did another with US 6 :

Finally! But...

Ugh!! Only 9 cm across now. F%&$#@!! So I decided to go back up to US7 and to throw another monkey wrench into the works I decided to knit it in the round.  This should make working the cable extra interesting since the pattern is written for flat knitting and I have never converted anything from one to the other before.  Also, the model in the picture is like super model skinny so I decided to add some stitches to my vest on the sides, especially after reading somewhere that knitting in the round will be tighter than gauge swatches knit flat.  Only to have lady at LYS tell me people usually knit things too big when I told her what I did.  Oh hell, whatever, if I manage to make it, I'll wear it. If only for one picture to laugh at before I frog the whole thing to make an expensive throw for my couch. Here it is now :
Innocent and glimmering with the possibility that it might turn out all right but I know better.

On to more up-beat things like...

Happy Bride Sake! Saving it for a rainy day, but can't wait.  We used to get it at Roy's and then they stopped carrying it.  My affectionate moniker for this is "sweet nectar of the gods" It is so amazingly delicioso.
Wednesday, me and Jean went to New Orleans on a yarn crawl, pictures to follow, but here is some of what I got spun into cakes at Knit Nite with Jean's new swift.