Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year!
I just want to end with some happy images :
I dont know who these socks belong to but I loved the image and rather than want to make them, they are more like a reminder that hopefully this year I will finally make a pair of socks!
And apprapo to this evening a close up of my sparkely new yarn I got yesterday :

Kid Seta Lux by Schulana

Face Facts

So my one follower has been urging me, no..that is too mellow a word, pestering?, no... maybe just trying to stongly convince me (that is the diplomatic phrasing anyway) to post a picture of myself.  Even though she knows what I look like, as I see her every Wednesday night, she said she was tired of only seeing the back of me head in FO pics.  I have been reluctant to do so for no reson I can articulate, only I have felt truly anonymous.  Well, no more, I have capitulated.....obviously, again for no apparent reason.

So thats me. BTW it is really hard to take a pic of yourself.
Now on to more important things, like yarn.
This is my holiday stash flash:
Here is a close up of the Cascade 220 Heather (Green)
I have been a very good girl, actually it was holiday present to myself.  I am trying to half-heartedly make a promise to myself not to buy anymore yarn for the whole year as I have plenty to last me.  But then I go and make plans to go to N.O. to get more in like 3 days.  I think I have a common disease that strikes the unwitting and unwary.  So I want to be witting and wary in the future but I do know I have to finish what I started and the yarn buying in a couple of days would just be to pick up more to finish projects.  Does that count? I say no.
Also, I have been working alot so not so much on the blogging I know I have been remiss. I am trying to make up for it here in this picture heavy entry on the eve of 2011, as the beginning of a resolution, as i listen to fireworks on the beach.  However, my holidays were good and I hope yours were as well.
This is what Santa brought me :

I haven't test driven them yet, but I need to, to make sure I love them which I hope I do.  It was agonizing trying to pick a set.  I dont really like the purple cables, and I dont like the garish wood tips.  I found they have a rosewood set, again expensive and I didnt like the brass fittings they looked cheap.  Really is it so hard to make a really nice silver metal and wood set of interchangeables? Apparently.  I wish Signature would do one, they seem to have the precision milling down, just need to pair up with a good wood partner. Would love to try the stillettos.  I didn't want to pay for the addi set, too expensive, plus they dont make a wood alternative tip, and I had heard not-so-great things about the join, so this was my compromise and I can get the metal tips later if I want. 
Random Cuteness:

I know, right? I want one.