Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This is what the little icon said it was called on ravelry when I said I was unhappy with this pattern, and at 4:00 in the morning, its how I feel, but that is not entirely due to my problems with this pattern.  So first off, I took a look at the other two people on ravelry who finished this before me and even though the said they were happy, I can tell from the pics that theirs didnt come out like the picture either.
Which is why I ended up knitting this thing not twice, not 3 times but 4 times before I gave up, and said good enough, even though its STILL not like the picture. ugh.
First of all, I was using a fairly cheap acrylic, my reasoning being that I was going to line it later with fleece so it didnt have to be super soft, which its not bad actually for an acrylic: Red Heart Soft.
Also, and maybe this is where my troubles began but I do not have size 10 dpns to start this off so I used 8s all the way thru. 
Ok, so lets talk about gauge, I think I was gettin it.
Pattern says : 14 sts and 22 rds. = 4", and now that I am finished I can see that I am getting 4" width wise but I think maybe closer to 5" length wise.
And for a mini rant on gauge here, with no reflection on the author, I know eveyone does it but, if I am resigned to knit a gauge swatch esp for a hat why does it have to be so big? I mean thats like 1/3 of the whole hat! anywho I am finding it hard to stay on course here......lets try again,
The first time I thought becuase I was using 2 needle sizes too small as the pattern called for size 10.5 and I was using size 8 that I would go up 2 increase rounds.  Ok so maybe that 1st one was my fault, it was huge. Ripped out and started over.  The second time I decided to follow the pattern for the largest size as this matched my head measurement. Still way too big, and I can tell the ear flaps are not looking like the picture.  Here is where I get my first little niggling feeling that things are not going to end well for me.
Rip back to increases.  For the third time, I now decide to scale way down and go for the smallest size.  This fits, but a bit too snug once I line with fleece and I wanted it to be like the picture and her's was not too snug and her ear flaps were cute, mine were still, um, well not like the picture.  Sorry to go on like this but I feel like, if I pick a pattern and try to follow the instructions, it should come out like they advertized, right? This doesn't work for me when I cook, so am not sure why I was all that surprised in my knitting.
I started this obsession on Wednesday night and here we are in the wee hours of next Wed morn, and I finished my last version, the middle size, as if you couldnt guess by now, sometime after dinner.  And like that dinner, my finished results are not sitting well with me.
I am going to post pics soon cuz I know that they speak volumes, even though I have already done that here.  I still have more to say.
This next part may be kinda tricky without givin the pattern away which I dont want to do out of respect to the author, even though she is not one of my favorite people at the moment, she still made a really cute hat that I still want.
Like I said before I saw the two other ravelry people said it was easy and well written pattern.  Well I agree that stockinette and the increases themselves are easy things to do, but if you dont know in what order or how many it gets somewhat tricky.
So this paticular little sub-rant has  been vetted before and can possibly be laid at the door of inexperience. I have only been knititng for a year, but lets face it once you get the hang of it its quite easy, right.  But, hey, I am still new, and people are paying for these instructions so why not cater to the dumbest of us and spell it out already, I mean there was lots blank space on the second page of the pattern, where I feel like some clarification could have been made.  I had to get a friend to help me figure out the instuctions on the increase row, then another friend pointed out that even though directions said 3(4,5) I was forgetting the first one mentioned so that meant total it would have been 4(5,6).  I've ranted about the rest of the instructions to anyone that would listen but I will not go into more here.  The last bone of contention is the finishing crochet edge.  The instructions say at back edge to go into every other stitch, and this I found only cinched the back smaller when I could see that it was already holding the earflaps back from their proper pointing out cuteness.
So to wrap up this particular rant :

I am going to go ahead and line this one becuase if anything it works to keep my ears warm, but just to reiterate, it is so not like the picture.
Am I using wrong yarn?
Wrong needles?  Even though I am real close to gauge?
I really wanted this one to work.......ugh.
Any helpful pointers would be appreciated at this juncture although I dont know if I have another go at it in me.

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