Sunday, October 31, 2010


So SSK in this sense stands for Super Secret Knitting.  Which is one reason why I have not posted in over a month.  The first was a egg cozy pattern all of us in our knitting group made for one member who got married on 10/10/10.
Mine is the orange one in the middle, somebody said it was like Velma's sweater from Scooby Doo, I thought it was adorable, and I love seeing all of them together. She said it was one of her favorite wedding gifts.
  Another project was for a new Mommy and her matching Baby Hat.
Apparently they love it, even though Baby's is still too big, she's gonna grow into it.
There are other projects but I will have to wait a few days to post about them.
I did find some persimmons at the local outdoor market :
They were absolutely delicious and we made persimmon bread.
We also found this:
I had never seen one before, its a horse apple.  And the little boy at the market was sure to inform us that we couldn't eat it and horses don't eat 'em neither!

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