Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A year in the Making (almost)

So, to look at it, you wouldn't think it was a big deal kinda hat, but what can I say? Sometimes the simplest things will obsess me and they turn out to be not so simple. To PJ's infinite detriment, bless her heart, I luv her, this hat would never have been born without her reverse engineering the original hat I have had from my friend Dawn for close to a year now.
Looks veeerrry innocent-ly like an easy hat to reverse engineer. Not so, but PJ perservered.
I didn't get a good shot of the collapsing ribs in this shot but am going to try to make two tomorrow for two other friends b-days, so I will make sure to take the pic from its "good side".  We messed around with this one for close to a year now, so at least I can finally give Dawn her hat back.  This Tweedy Hat is off to New York tomorrow for my good friend Tim, joining the Ribbed hat and Fingerless Gloves for one of my best friends Jr., here they are ready to go....
I also got to ball wind some of my yarn for the Lavender sweater I am making (see progress pics on rav)from, 'cept mine is my fav yarn Nordic by Kadia - which they discontinued btw. So of course when I found more of it I had to buy it all. Only 10 more balls to wind up. Isn't is scrumptious?

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