Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thanks Mom!

My parents came to visit and brought the cedar chest I have been anxiously anticipating. I LOVE it, thanks Mom!
It hasn't found it's place in the home yet, I am trying out a couple of spots but I have a feeling it is going to end up in my room, which I am ok with....or back in hallway.
Its got some wear on it but I love it, I just think it adds to the character.  It has definately led a full life.
I love the push button lock to open (forgot to ask about a key, mom, I know you will read this at some point, is there one?)
And the word, if you can read it on the lock says LANE.

More pics of inside and my stash installed in this airtight moth and bug natural repeller to come, as well as year of production.  I think it is from 50s? I will try to get serial number tomorrow to figure that one out.
I have wanted something like this ever since I read this blog :
Now I feel like I have done more to protect my precious stash and can sleep better at night. At least I will once I get it all in there., and organized of course.
My idea for storing my circs :

Its an old CD case. Only my 16" set will fit but its a start.

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