Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Hat

So I am making more hats, I can't make up my mind if I like it holding 2 strands of thickness like this one or just one like the Tweedy I did for Tim which was just 1 strand.....I'm torn.
Purple Collapsing Rib Hat for Marilyn's B-day :
And of course Lexa had to help :

This shows the collapsing rib side but this is the original :
This is the infamous hat we reverse enegineered and it looks better (of course) but I feel like it is cuz I dont make it as long as the original because I don't want to roll the edge.
Other things that were made this weekend include this amazing bread (focaccia) she amde froma  book I got her for her b-day...kinda ends up being a present just as much for myself, hummm, I like that.
This was better than any resturant bread I have ever had, hands down :



  1. I can almost smell it, your picture looks so good!

  2. Love the hat, well worth the pressing in to finish it!!