Monday, August 9, 2010

Yay, Friends!

Thanks to my good friend Jean, I am now the proud owner of stitch markers!  And not just any stitch markers but really cool personalized, blogitized stitch markers. Check it :
Aren't they sweet! My fav is the tiny jingle bells...Lexa is plotting on them and they are especially tempting jingling from my knitting but she is wary to incur my wrath before feeding time.
Plus I like collecting my name in different fonts......

That last one was done by me around a decade ago in pottery class when we had to make a box and sign it and I liked my signature better than my crappy box.  But carving in clay in fun.  Which brings me to my next topic.  I saw the ad in this month's knitting mag, can't remember which one, but she makes buttons. So I visited her etsy shop jezzeprints and I was in love.

So of course I spent all night blog-stalking her by reading through 4 years of her life. Apparently she used to decorate pottery but if she is still selling it I don't know where but look how cute it was :

And she started off making these adorable creatures that I want to create for myself :

Totally amazing woman.
Check her out.
But if you buy all my buttons before I save up enough money to place my order........bad things will happen.  Unless, of course, she makes more. 

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