Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is my lucky golden bunny.  He helps me when I want to tackle something new or difficult.
So I started the Koolhaas hat yesterday and was merrily knitting through a chart which I have not done before and I am on like row 5 of the chart before I actually stop and am for some reason looking at said chart and notice that the knit symbol is not a regular knit but a knit thru the back loop.  This came out of my mouth :  #*^%$#&^%%(@!^%
I realize its not the bunny's fault, its no one's fault but my own.
Now I will spend more time tinking than I did to get that far, all for a gift for a brother who will not understand how much the yarn cost and the time I spent to make it for him. 
I guess all I can hope for now is that he hates it on sight and I can keep it for myself :)

OK, so someone sent me this link about a knitted clock and here it is : Designed by Carlo and Benedetta Tamborini

I would have to buy this knitted clock, as I do not have time to knit it (insert obvious pun here) but at over $500, it is one of those luxury items I am saving for when I consider myself to be rich.

Also I have seen some of these designs before but Sandra Backlund continues to amaze me with her otherworldly and luscious knits. They seem to convert the wearer into a character from a story you want to read. Here are a couple of my favs:


And of course the graceful and lovely Tilda Swinton the perfect model for these designs IMO

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