Thursday, August 12, 2010


ok jus cuz I thought it was funny....
"Oh, nooooo!" the tiny people screamed. "She's come for's Lexa-zillah!"
In other news, I am going to make somthing pretty of of this lusciousness that I have been lusting over for months :

I am definately a high twist kinda girl. Splity yarn makes me wonder along the lines of toilet bowls in China, if the earth is spinning at an opposite occilation, out of control, and towards certain doom. Not really, but it does piss me off no end.
I can't really afford this yarn right now but you only live once right? I heart CMSA.
I mean it has the three words that I usually splurge on one ingredient at a time, all mixed together in one yummy little squishy ball of joy. :Gush:

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