Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Latest Knit Creation

I like reading posts with pics so I thought it only fair to try to have at least one per post, and like all the other rules I make for myself, it is subject to change without warning.
Thought I would post my latest knitted creation.
So here :

It is a free pattern :  Herringbone Neckwarmer from Ravelry.com of which I am a huge fan.
Yarn : Mulberry Merino a wool and silk mix, pic doesn't do it justice, it has a lovely lustrous sheen and I used 4 strands at once, total 4 skeins
This is only one of my many projects that would not have made it to the land of the wearable if not for PJ, my knititng project paramedic with her awesome defibrillator ninja skills. Props.
Next : Herringbone Mittens to match

I walked a mile today, hopefully one day I will run a mile ....I am walking now and will maybe one day run somewhere without anything horrendous chasing me for motivation.

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