Monday, August 23, 2010


I see how easy it is to lapse in the blogging world...things get busy and well it takes a back burner sometimes.
However, I did finish a project that has been lingering around awhile on my desk.  My lilac bag is an experiment in felting crocheted circles.  I had never done it or read anywhere about it, so I wanted to see for myself.
It started off like this :
Then I had to wait to get more yarn, I found it from a seller on ravelry and I was set to go. Each of the circles took a whole ball. So first go round after I did the two circle sides I was going to crochet strap too, so I started with my last ball. The flat crochet did not appeal to me. Then I decided I would knit strap. I cast on and knit for about 4" before I decided it was too wide and I was going to run out of yarn I tried and and did about 14" before I decided to rip it out and start is now quarter to midnight and am casting on :once again: for the strap.  I finished using every last scrap about 1:15 in the morning and woke up early next day to felt in my mom's washer because she has a top load washer before I had to drive back home 2 hours to work at 11.  Crazy, I know.  So there are many variables in felting or fulling whichever you prefer to call it.  Bottom line. Watch it.  I could have stopped this process earlier had I been paying attention but what can I say, it was early and I just let it agitate for about 15 mins. before I checked it.  Learn from my mistakes people.  Now, I say mistake but the bag is not a total loss the strap is just the right length and the bag is much smaller but I am thinking of adding a zipper to the top and that may give it more structure.  Here it is :

An experiment to say the least and a cute bag at the most.

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