Thursday, August 5, 2010

Intro Diva & The Flood

Ok, so I thought it was high time I introduced the diva, the angry beeatch, the aloof and righteous :drum roll: she is in all her angsty glory :  Can't you just hear her..." Get that camera out of my face you insufferable commoner "
Ok see what I mean, she's freakin adorable......which makes her sporatic meaness seam like it comes from out of the blue and totally out of character.
Until you get to know her
One the one hand, I have been told I aggravate her,
On the other hand, that same person has told me I am the only human she tolerates and occasionally loves.
I only tolerate her cuz she helps me with my knitting, shes very good at pinning things down and catching any strings that try to run.
But I love her cuz she cute.
Ok enough drool.
I totally have a craft crush on Jared Flood. His Koolhaas hat is my next knit. A very good friend bought the pattern for me cuz she knew how I lusted over it ( props to ya, Jean, you rock!) she gets me like that.
Anywho, I was on his site today and noticed this and had a very "I know he did'ent" moment.

And actually he didn't, at least I don't think he did. As far as I can tell it was a collaborative project where nobody knew what the others were knitting on various componets to create this awesome sweater.
So I think it was done by the friend Tanis.
Be sure to check out her website at
Well all I have to say is Gee-n-us.
Do you SEE that?!? Yes there are s.s. nuts in the knitting.
Ok so I know you don't know me
Wait, you probably do, cuz only people I know will ever read this.....
But I LOVE shiny things. I pick them up off the street and one of my fav places is the aisle (Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware) where they keep all the organized bins of tiny shiny things.  I don't know what it is, my magpie tendencies have been documented early on in my childhood, but they call to me, they sing a siren song, and I must possess them.
I have seen beaded things and had the very lucid thought after watching someone thread tiny beads into a shawl that there would be no logical reason for me to do that.
Now I must learn how to do it, for I will totalllllly be doing this at some point in the future.
Stay tuned.

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