Sunday, August 8, 2010

Has this ever happened to you?

You think, Wow, the lady at the counter didn't ask me if I wanted this ball wound and I forgot to ask in the joy of the moment of purchase, no prob I can totally wind this enormoungous hank of gajillion yards in like no time.
Or is this a newbie issue?
Pretty soon friends are refusing to drop by with the excuse that their arms are still aching from last time you made them look like a goal post.
So again you think no prob I will just rig up something.......

This did not end well. For me or the yarn. What you see in pic took me like 2 months and finally I begged PJ, a friend with a ball winder to help me out.
Yarn : Anne by Schaefer Yarn Co.
Actual Yardage : 560

Really pretty yarn when it is not a tangled mess

She reported back that it took her only 4 hours. 
Needless to say I promised her half of the monster cake after I make these with my half :
MaryWarmers (Rav free pattern)

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