Sunday, August 29, 2010


So I finally got a job.  This is good cuz they said they would pay me.  This is bad cuz the job of knitting, crocheting, making things, taking pics, and blogging will now be down-graded to when I have time or feel like it.  You have been put on notice.  See good and bad. Funny how that works.  Like this pic that shows that knitting has been going on (good) but I have no FOs (bad).  Don't be fooled by the seemingly finished hats in pic.  Far one was store bought by a friend and my hacked one in the forground has since been frogged back to halfway.  One step forward, two steps back.........sometimes its just like that.
This is what I tried to explain to my latest student I am teaching to knit.  I have only spent about 5 hours total with her over a couple of weeks and we went over casting off yesterday.  She started a scarf of her own design to practice knits and purls. CO20, K2, P2, K2, P2 then she just knits her knits and purls her purls.  Its curling a bit but I told her you just have to block it and it should be a bit better. I am so proud! See...
More pics when she finishes.  And maybe in the meantime I will finish some one thing, not asking for much right? Humph.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

OCD or Anal

Why do all the terms for obsessive organization have derogatory connotations?
This is what I am doing to organize my labels (business card holder plastic inserts) so that I don't lose them, or end up with a crazy bag stuffed in some closet, and so I can tell people if they can wash what I give them or that if they do wash it, it will fit a gnome.
So far its working.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Okay so I'm back.  It was a great read.  Like I said, I've waited about a year to find out what happens and now, who knows how long we have to wait til the movie comes out for Hunger Games.  But totally worth the wait! Just hope Hollywood doesn't eff it up like they have a tendancy to do.
Switching gears..
Isn't he cute?
Saw him on Elliphantom Knits and thought 'I want one', only thing is, I thought he was like knitted blocks and he's not, he's flat.  So here we go with the mods.......this never ends well for me.
Although he will have to wait because our next KAL is SackBoy.

Once again, my challenge is I wanna make him so real to life, I already know his is going to be a difficult birth.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Its finally here!
I will not be doing much of anything else today, I have been waiting for almost a year. I am going to the bookstore today to get my copy, and I will probably open it and not be able to put it down.

I will resurface at a later date.........

Monday, August 23, 2010


I see how easy it is to lapse in the blogging world...things get busy and well it takes a back burner sometimes.
However, I did finish a project that has been lingering around awhile on my desk.  My lilac bag is an experiment in felting crocheted circles.  I had never done it or read anywhere about it, so I wanted to see for myself.
It started off like this :
Then I had to wait to get more yarn, I found it from a seller on ravelry and I was set to go. Each of the circles took a whole ball. So first go round after I did the two circle sides I was going to crochet strap too, so I started with my last ball. The flat crochet did not appeal to me. Then I decided I would knit strap. I cast on and knit for about 4" before I decided it was too wide and I was going to run out of yarn I tried and and did about 14" before I decided to rip it out and start is now quarter to midnight and am casting on :once again: for the strap.  I finished using every last scrap about 1:15 in the morning and woke up early next day to felt in my mom's washer because she has a top load washer before I had to drive back home 2 hours to work at 11.  Crazy, I know.  So there are many variables in felting or fulling whichever you prefer to call it.  Bottom line. Watch it.  I could have stopped this process earlier had I been paying attention but what can I say, it was early and I just let it agitate for about 15 mins. before I checked it.  Learn from my mistakes people.  Now, I say mistake but the bag is not a total loss the strap is just the right length and the bag is much smaller but I am thinking of adding a zipper to the top and that may give it more structure.  Here it is :

An experiment to say the least and a cute bag at the most.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Markers and Fans!

So our knitting group was the lucky recipients of more stitch marker coolness from Jean. 
These are the three I picked out :
And now I will introduce my two day I will have real fans, like people, but for now, these are my favs :

They just don't make 'em like they used to.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010


ok jus cuz I thought it was funny....
"Oh, nooooo!" the tiny people screamed. "She's come for's Lexa-zillah!"
In other news, I am going to make somthing pretty of of this lusciousness that I have been lusting over for months :

I am definately a high twist kinda girl. Splity yarn makes me wonder along the lines of toilet bowls in China, if the earth is spinning at an opposite occilation, out of control, and towards certain doom. Not really, but it does piss me off no end.
I can't really afford this yarn right now but you only live once right? I heart CMSA.
I mean it has the three words that I usually splurge on one ingredient at a time, all mixed together in one yummy little squishy ball of joy. :Gush:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WIP it good

So I thought it was high time I posted about somethings I am doing here myself.  Problem is, I've got a lot of high security top secret knitting going on and I can't reveal my progress yet.
So in the meantime I frogged back my Koolhaas and started over. The plus side to this, is the pattern is starting to make more sense to me the more I knit it.  This looks much better.
Yarn : Jitterbug by Collinette - Velvet Leaf (2 strands)

In other news, our group KAL is the Alligator Scarf from Moorehouse.  He has yet to be named I am sure he will tell me his name before I am completely finished, but for now he is keeping it to himself.  Maybe he is a shy gator.  This is a pic of him from a couple of weeks ago :
I probably have 5 more ridge rows done and about 7 more to go.  Usually I try to do one ridge before bed but again with all my other projects he has been taking a back burner. Sometimes I wish I had these to make me knit all the faster :

Golden Snitch Knitting Needles by Stringfellow

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is my lucky golden bunny.  He helps me when I want to tackle something new or difficult.
So I started the Koolhaas hat yesterday and was merrily knitting through a chart which I have not done before and I am on like row 5 of the chart before I actually stop and am for some reason looking at said chart and notice that the knit symbol is not a regular knit but a knit thru the back loop.  This came out of my mouth :  #*^%$#&^%%(@!^%
I realize its not the bunny's fault, its no one's fault but my own.
Now I will spend more time tinking than I did to get that far, all for a gift for a brother who will not understand how much the yarn cost and the time I spent to make it for him. 
I guess all I can hope for now is that he hates it on sight and I can keep it for myself :)

OK, so someone sent me this link about a knitted clock and here it is : Designed by Carlo and Benedetta Tamborini

I would have to buy this knitted clock, as I do not have time to knit it (insert obvious pun here) but at over $500, it is one of those luxury items I am saving for when I consider myself to be rich.

Also I have seen some of these designs before but Sandra Backlund continues to amaze me with her otherworldly and luscious knits. They seem to convert the wearer into a character from a story you want to read. Here are a couple of my favs:


And of course the graceful and lovely Tilda Swinton the perfect model for these designs IMO

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Planets are Aligned

Random :
Today's date is 8.9.10

Yay, Friends!

Thanks to my good friend Jean, I am now the proud owner of stitch markers!  And not just any stitch markers but really cool personalized, blogitized stitch markers. Check it :
Aren't they sweet! My fav is the tiny jingle bells...Lexa is plotting on them and they are especially tempting jingling from my knitting but she is wary to incur my wrath before feeding time.
Plus I like collecting my name in different fonts......

That last one was done by me around a decade ago in pottery class when we had to make a box and sign it and I liked my signature better than my crappy box.  But carving in clay in fun.  Which brings me to my next topic.  I saw the ad in this month's knitting mag, can't remember which one, but she makes buttons. So I visited her etsy shop jezzeprints and I was in love.

So of course I spent all night blog-stalking her by reading through 4 years of her life. Apparently she used to decorate pottery but if she is still selling it I don't know where but look how cute it was :

And she started off making these adorable creatures that I want to create for myself :

Totally amazing woman.
Check her out.
But if you buy all my buttons before I save up enough money to place my order........bad things will happen.  Unless, of course, she makes more. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Has this ever happened to you?

You think, Wow, the lady at the counter didn't ask me if I wanted this ball wound and I forgot to ask in the joy of the moment of purchase, no prob I can totally wind this enormoungous hank of gajillion yards in like no time.
Or is this a newbie issue?
Pretty soon friends are refusing to drop by with the excuse that their arms are still aching from last time you made them look like a goal post.
So again you think no prob I will just rig up something.......

This did not end well. For me or the yarn. What you see in pic took me like 2 months and finally I begged PJ, a friend with a ball winder to help me out.
Yarn : Anne by Schaefer Yarn Co.
Actual Yardage : 560

Really pretty yarn when it is not a tangled mess

She reported back that it took her only 4 hours. 
Needless to say I promised her half of the monster cake after I make these with my half :
MaryWarmers (Rav free pattern)

Slate Set

This is how it looked when I bought it :
Yarn : Colinette Jitterbug in Slate
And this is what I made with it :

 And These :
I used the Spud and Chloe free pattern for the Ribbed Hat and the gloves are my own creation.
I gush over this yarn.
It is so far my fav to knit with, as everything comes out beautifully no matter how hard I try to mess it up.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I took a better pic of the Herringbone Neckwarmer and thought I would post it.  I think it shows the sheen of the yarn much better.
And here is my desk :

Believe it or not this was taken when it was clean right now it looks like a yarn monster of many colors ate  my desk.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Intro Diva & The Flood

Ok, so I thought it was high time I introduced the diva, the angry beeatch, the aloof and righteous :drum roll: she is in all her angsty glory :  Can't you just hear her..." Get that camera out of my face you insufferable commoner "
Ok see what I mean, she's freakin adorable......which makes her sporatic meaness seam like it comes from out of the blue and totally out of character.
Until you get to know her
One the one hand, I have been told I aggravate her,
On the other hand, that same person has told me I am the only human she tolerates and occasionally loves.
I only tolerate her cuz she helps me with my knitting, shes very good at pinning things down and catching any strings that try to run.
But I love her cuz she cute.
Ok enough drool.
I totally have a craft crush on Jared Flood. His Koolhaas hat is my next knit. A very good friend bought the pattern for me cuz she knew how I lusted over it ( props to ya, Jean, you rock!) she gets me like that.
Anywho, I was on his site today and noticed this and had a very "I know he did'ent" moment.

And actually he didn't, at least I don't think he did. As far as I can tell it was a collaborative project where nobody knew what the others were knitting on various componets to create this awesome sweater.
So I think it was done by the friend Tanis.
Be sure to check out her website at
Well all I have to say is Gee-n-us.
Do you SEE that?!? Yes there are s.s. nuts in the knitting.
Ok so I know you don't know me
Wait, you probably do, cuz only people I know will ever read this.....
But I LOVE shiny things. I pick them up off the street and one of my fav places is the aisle (Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware) where they keep all the organized bins of tiny shiny things.  I don't know what it is, my magpie tendencies have been documented early on in my childhood, but they call to me, they sing a siren song, and I must possess them.
I have seen beaded things and had the very lucid thought after watching someone thread tiny beads into a shawl that there would be no logical reason for me to do that.
Now I must learn how to do it, for I will totalllllly be doing this at some point in the future.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Latest Knit Creation

I like reading posts with pics so I thought it only fair to try to have at least one per post, and like all the other rules I make for myself, it is subject to change without warning.
Thought I would post my latest knitted creation.
So here :

It is a free pattern :  Herringbone Neckwarmer from of which I am a huge fan.
Yarn : Mulberry Merino a wool and silk mix, pic doesn't do it justice, it has a lovely lustrous sheen and I used 4 strands at once, total 4 skeins
This is only one of my many projects that would not have made it to the land of the wearable if not for PJ, my knititng project paramedic with her awesome defibrillator ninja skills. Props.
Next : Herringbone Mittens to match

I walked a mile today, hopefully one day I will run a mile ....I am walking now and will maybe one day run somewhere without anything horrendous chasing me for motivation.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Wanted to share a pic of my most recent yarn splurge, basically to test waters of photo publishing......
Testing 1, 2, testing....
This is just a test
Yarn : LemonIce by Claudia Handpainted Yarns


So I picked up the latest copy of Interweave Knits Fall 2010 and am loving the trend lately for the skinny delicate cables of twisted stitches.  They have 3 patterns that they title as "Carved in Wool".

These remind me of another project that I one day hope to complete by the completely talented Eunny Jang.  She has a sock pattern called Bayerische that I totally wanted to try to convert to a fingerless glove pattern cuz I think the delicate gorgerous cables are too pretty to put on my feet.