Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year!
I just want to end with some happy images :
I dont know who these socks belong to but I loved the image and rather than want to make them, they are more like a reminder that hopefully this year I will finally make a pair of socks!
And apprapo to this evening a close up of my sparkely new yarn I got yesterday :

Kid Seta Lux by Schulana

Face Facts

So my one follower has been urging me, no..that is too mellow a word, pestering?, no... maybe just trying to stongly convince me (that is the diplomatic phrasing anyway) to post a picture of myself.  Even though she knows what I look like, as I see her every Wednesday night, she said she was tired of only seeing the back of me head in FO pics.  I have been reluctant to do so for no reson I can articulate, only I have felt truly anonymous.  Well, no more, I have capitulated.....obviously, again for no apparent reason.

So thats me. BTW it is really hard to take a pic of yourself.
Now on to more important things, like yarn.
This is my holiday stash flash:
Here is a close up of the Cascade 220 Heather (Green)
I have been a very good girl, actually it was holiday present to myself.  I am trying to half-heartedly make a promise to myself not to buy anymore yarn for the whole year as I have plenty to last me.  But then I go and make plans to go to N.O. to get more in like 3 days.  I think I have a common disease that strikes the unwitting and unwary.  So I want to be witting and wary in the future but I do know I have to finish what I started and the yarn buying in a couple of days would just be to pick up more to finish projects.  Does that count? I say no.
Also, I have been working alot so not so much on the blogging I know I have been remiss. I am trying to make up for it here in this picture heavy entry on the eve of 2011, as the beginning of a resolution, as i listen to fireworks on the beach.  However, my holidays were good and I hope yours were as well.
This is what Santa brought me :

I haven't test driven them yet, but I need to, to make sure I love them which I hope I do.  It was agonizing trying to pick a set.  I dont really like the purple cables, and I dont like the garish wood tips.  I found they have a rosewood set, again expensive and I didnt like the brass fittings they looked cheap.  Really is it so hard to make a really nice silver metal and wood set of interchangeables? Apparently.  I wish Signature would do one, they seem to have the precision milling down, just need to pair up with a good wood partner. Would love to try the stillettos.  I didn't want to pay for the addi set, too expensive, plus they dont make a wood alternative tip, and I had heard not-so-great things about the join, so this was my compromise and I can get the metal tips later if I want. 
Random Cuteness:

I know, right? I want one.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not Like the Picture

So my rant below had no pics and I will try and illustrate in this one.
Here is the book :

And here is the hat:


This is what the little icon said it was called on ravelry when I said I was unhappy with this pattern, and at 4:00 in the morning, its how I feel, but that is not entirely due to my problems with this pattern.  So first off, I took a look at the other two people on ravelry who finished this before me and even though the said they were happy, I can tell from the pics that theirs didnt come out like the picture either.
Which is why I ended up knitting this thing not twice, not 3 times but 4 times before I gave up, and said good enough, even though its STILL not like the picture. ugh.
First of all, I was using a fairly cheap acrylic, my reasoning being that I was going to line it later with fleece so it didnt have to be super soft, which its not bad actually for an acrylic: Red Heart Soft.
Also, and maybe this is where my troubles began but I do not have size 10 dpns to start this off so I used 8s all the way thru. 
Ok, so lets talk about gauge, I think I was gettin it.
Pattern says : 14 sts and 22 rds. = 4", and now that I am finished I can see that I am getting 4" width wise but I think maybe closer to 5" length wise.
And for a mini rant on gauge here, with no reflection on the author, I know eveyone does it but, if I am resigned to knit a gauge swatch esp for a hat why does it have to be so big? I mean thats like 1/3 of the whole hat! anywho I am finding it hard to stay on course here......lets try again,
The first time I thought becuase I was using 2 needle sizes too small as the pattern called for size 10.5 and I was using size 8 that I would go up 2 increase rounds.  Ok so maybe that 1st one was my fault, it was huge. Ripped out and started over.  The second time I decided to follow the pattern for the largest size as this matched my head measurement. Still way too big, and I can tell the ear flaps are not looking like the picture.  Here is where I get my first little niggling feeling that things are not going to end well for me.
Rip back to increases.  For the third time, I now decide to scale way down and go for the smallest size.  This fits, but a bit too snug once I line with fleece and I wanted it to be like the picture and her's was not too snug and her ear flaps were cute, mine were still, um, well not like the picture.  Sorry to go on like this but I feel like, if I pick a pattern and try to follow the instructions, it should come out like they advertized, right? This doesn't work for me when I cook, so am not sure why I was all that surprised in my knitting.
I started this obsession on Wednesday night and here we are in the wee hours of next Wed morn, and I finished my last version, the middle size, as if you couldnt guess by now, sometime after dinner.  And like that dinner, my finished results are not sitting well with me.
I am going to post pics soon cuz I know that they speak volumes, even though I have already done that here.  I still have more to say.
This next part may be kinda tricky without givin the pattern away which I dont want to do out of respect to the author, even though she is not one of my favorite people at the moment, she still made a really cute hat that I still want.
Like I said before I saw the two other ravelry people said it was easy and well written pattern.  Well I agree that stockinette and the increases themselves are easy things to do, but if you dont know in what order or how many it gets somewhat tricky.
So this paticular little sub-rant has  been vetted before and can possibly be laid at the door of inexperience. I have only been knititng for a year, but lets face it once you get the hang of it its quite easy, right.  But, hey, I am still new, and people are paying for these instructions so why not cater to the dumbest of us and spell it out already, I mean there was lots blank space on the second page of the pattern, where I feel like some clarification could have been made.  I had to get a friend to help me figure out the instuctions on the increase row, then another friend pointed out that even though directions said 3(4,5) I was forgetting the first one mentioned so that meant total it would have been 4(5,6).  I've ranted about the rest of the instructions to anyone that would listen but I will not go into more here.  The last bone of contention is the finishing crochet edge.  The instructions say at back edge to go into every other stitch, and this I found only cinched the back smaller when I could see that it was already holding the earflaps back from their proper pointing out cuteness.
So to wrap up this particular rant :

I am going to go ahead and line this one becuase if anything it works to keep my ears warm, but just to reiterate, it is so not like the picture.
Am I using wrong yarn?
Wrong needles?  Even though I am real close to gauge?
I really wanted this one to work.......ugh.
Any helpful pointers would be appreciated at this juncture although I dont know if I have another go at it in me.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


So SSK in this sense stands for Super Secret Knitting.  Which is one reason why I have not posted in over a month.  The first was a egg cozy pattern all of us in our knitting group made for one member who got married on 10/10/10.
Mine is the orange one in the middle, somebody said it was like Velma's sweater from Scooby Doo, I thought it was adorable, and I love seeing all of them together. She said it was one of her favorite wedding gifts.
  Another project was for a new Mommy and her matching Baby Hat.
Apparently they love it, even though Baby's is still too big, she's gonna grow into it.
There are other projects but I will have to wait a few days to post about them.
I did find some persimmons at the local outdoor market :
They were absolutely delicious and we made persimmon bread.
We also found this:
I had never seen one before, its a horse apple.  And the little boy at the market was sure to inform us that we couldn't eat it and horses don't eat 'em neither!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Hat

So I am making more hats, I can't make up my mind if I like it holding 2 strands of thickness like this one or just one like the Tweedy I did for Tim which was just 1 strand.....I'm torn.
Purple Collapsing Rib Hat for Marilyn's B-day :
And of course Lexa had to help :

This shows the collapsing rib side but this is the original :
This is the infamous hat we reverse enegineered and it looks better (of course) but I feel like it is cuz I dont make it as long as the original because I don't want to roll the edge.
Other things that were made this weekend include this amazing bread (focaccia) she amde froma  book I got her for her b-day...kinda ends up being a present just as much for myself, hummm, I like that.
This was better than any resturant bread I have ever had, hands down :


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A year in the Making (almost)

So, to look at it, you wouldn't think it was a big deal kinda hat, but what can I say? Sometimes the simplest things will obsess me and they turn out to be not so simple. To PJ's infinite detriment, bless her heart, I luv her, this hat would never have been born without her reverse engineering the original hat I have had from my friend Dawn for close to a year now.
Looks veeerrry innocent-ly like an easy hat to reverse engineer. Not so, but PJ perservered.
I didn't get a good shot of the collapsing ribs in this shot but am going to try to make two tomorrow for two other friends b-days, so I will make sure to take the pic from its "good side".  We messed around with this one for close to a year now, so at least I can finally give Dawn her hat back.  This Tweedy Hat is off to New York tomorrow for my good friend Tim, joining the Ribbed hat and Fingerless Gloves for one of my best friends Jr., here they are ready to go....
I also got to ball wind some of my yarn for the Lavender sweater I am making (see progress pics on rav)from, 'cept mine is my fav yarn Nordic by Kadia - which they discontinued btw. So of course when I found more of it I had to buy it all. Only 10 more balls to wind up. Isn't is scrumptious?

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Reveal

So here it is the big reveal...
This has been my top secret knitting project for the last month, (my knitting emergency, if you will, I know some people won't, but they suck. I wont name any names Kathleen but you know who you are)....because they were bday presents, and here she is modeling her bday loot:

#1 Icy Koolhaas Hat

Yarn : Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran (Yes it is sublime!)
Pattern : Koolhaas by Jared Flood
*Pattern bought for me by fellow kniteratti Jean (thanks again Jean, you rock)
So just for the record this hat was knit twice.  Yes, twice.  Once to decreases, then ripped back to ribbing and knitted again.
Let me help you to not make the same mistakes I did.
So first issue was with the bars of yarn I was getting after every 8th row.  WHY DID NO ONE MENTION THIS ISSUE?!? I found no mention of this on all ravelry people who knit this pattern, what, like hundreds of people? am I seriously the only person who did not know that after the purl on the 8th row of chart you are supposed to move yarn to back before you slip stitch?  Maybe I am, but I feel like for a pattern you pay for, I want all the steps spelled out for the dumbass that I am.  Do not assume I know what I am doing.  So in the end it was good that I had to rip back to beginning, and you better believe I placed stitch markers after every repeat of chart in case I needed to rip back again, which is what foiled me the first time.  I mean, why in the decrease rounds would you spelled out K1, P1, K1, P1, K1 or whatever when basically you want me to knit my knits and purl my purls, but not tell me to ytb after that 8th row? Whatever. I am over it, not bitter at all.
Other issue is my own damn fault.  On the decreases it states to do something like P1, K1, P1, K1, P1, repeat.  So I didn't notice on my first attempt that you would have 2 purls together, so yeah, I guess I didn't truly pay attention. My bad.  But I consider myself a pro at this pattern now and will be making my own very soon out of the same yarn but a lusious granite gray, and am thinking I may do 3.5 rows instead of the 4, before I start decreases because hers was a little big.  Here I go effing with the pattern.  Stay tuned for futher rants.

#2 Cabled Hat
Yarn : Top of the Lamb Worsted
Pattern : All Over Cables Hat
Free pattern on Ravelry
So she obsessed over this hat, so I kinda had to make it, but beware I had issues.
So of course I changed pattern, but only because so many other users said cabled earflaps were too close together with original pattern so I modified and put 2 cables in front with only 1 in back and it came out well.  Only prob, and you cant tell in pic but they are not even. Whatev. Her ears will never get cold, right?

She said she loves them both (ectatic was her adjective) and that was what I was going for, so, mission accomplished.  No more secret knitting though, it stressed me out, and that not what knitting is supposed to be about, in fact quite the opposite.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please Sir, can I have a'nother one?

This is what I keep hearing in my head...with a British accent
What is that from? .......Ohwell. So. Obsess much? Yeah, I know I am out of control. Now I need another cedar chest for all the things I make :)
You have another one of these lying around, Mom?  Granted in my defense a whole quarter of the space is taken up by stuff she wanted me to keep in there.
Also, this is accumulated over a year.  Plus there are many people out there who are much worse than me. Deflect. Deflect. Deflect.
I am just excited to get it all together in one space, rather than stashed all over the house.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Serial Box

So I was able to get the serial number of the cedar chest that looked like it was wood-burned into the wood on the bottom of chest.
SERIAL # : 040221
STYLE # : 481900

I got this info from Lane Furniture website :
You can read the serial number BACKWARDS to determine the production date.

For example: serial number 753150 would have been produced on 05/13/57.

So by my calculations it was manufactured on : December 20, 1940
And as for the style number, I was not able to find any information.

So excited, can't wait to organize all my precious-es. Its airing out right now, and more pics to come, still deciding on a way to bin or hold yarns to make more layers of storage within chest.
As for real knitting content, check out this talented knitter, Emma Philpot.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Thanks Mom!

My parents came to visit and brought the cedar chest I have been anxiously anticipating. I LOVE it, thanks Mom!
It hasn't found it's place in the home yet, I am trying out a couple of spots but I have a feeling it is going to end up in my room, which I am ok with....or back in hallway.
Its got some wear on it but I love it, I just think it adds to the character.  It has definately led a full life.
I love the push button lock to open (forgot to ask about a key, mom, I know you will read this at some point, is there one?)
And the word, if you can read it on the lock says LANE.

More pics of inside and my stash installed in this airtight moth and bug natural repeller to come, as well as year of production.  I think it is from 50s? I will try to get serial number tomorrow to figure that one out.
I have wanted something like this ever since I read this blog :
Now I feel like I have done more to protect my precious stash and can sleep better at night. At least I will once I get it all in there., and organized of course.
My idea for storing my circs :

Its an old CD case. Only my 16" set will fit but its a start.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


So I finally got a job.  This is good cuz they said they would pay me.  This is bad cuz the job of knitting, crocheting, making things, taking pics, and blogging will now be down-graded to when I have time or feel like it.  You have been put on notice.  See good and bad. Funny how that works.  Like this pic that shows that knitting has been going on (good) but I have no FOs (bad).  Don't be fooled by the seemingly finished hats in pic.  Far one was store bought by a friend and my hacked one in the forground has since been frogged back to halfway.  One step forward, two steps back.........sometimes its just like that.
This is what I tried to explain to my latest student I am teaching to knit.  I have only spent about 5 hours total with her over a couple of weeks and we went over casting off yesterday.  She started a scarf of her own design to practice knits and purls. CO20, K2, P2, K2, P2 then she just knits her knits and purls her purls.  Its curling a bit but I told her you just have to block it and it should be a bit better. I am so proud! See...
More pics when she finishes.  And maybe in the meantime I will finish some one thing, not asking for much right? Humph.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

OCD or Anal

Why do all the terms for obsessive organization have derogatory connotations?
This is what I am doing to organize my labels (business card holder plastic inserts) so that I don't lose them, or end up with a crazy bag stuffed in some closet, and so I can tell people if they can wash what I give them or that if they do wash it, it will fit a gnome.
So far its working.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Okay so I'm back.  It was a great read.  Like I said, I've waited about a year to find out what happens and now, who knows how long we have to wait til the movie comes out for Hunger Games.  But totally worth the wait! Just hope Hollywood doesn't eff it up like they have a tendancy to do.
Switching gears..
Isn't he cute?
Saw him on Elliphantom Knits and thought 'I want one', only thing is, I thought he was like knitted blocks and he's not, he's flat.  So here we go with the mods.......this never ends well for me.
Although he will have to wait because our next KAL is SackBoy.

Once again, my challenge is I wanna make him so real to life, I already know his is going to be a difficult birth.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Its finally here!
I will not be doing much of anything else today, I have been waiting for almost a year. I am going to the bookstore today to get my copy, and I will probably open it and not be able to put it down.

I will resurface at a later date.........

Monday, August 23, 2010


I see how easy it is to lapse in the blogging world...things get busy and well it takes a back burner sometimes.
However, I did finish a project that has been lingering around awhile on my desk.  My lilac bag is an experiment in felting crocheted circles.  I had never done it or read anywhere about it, so I wanted to see for myself.
It started off like this :
Then I had to wait to get more yarn, I found it from a seller on ravelry and I was set to go. Each of the circles took a whole ball. So first go round after I did the two circle sides I was going to crochet strap too, so I started with my last ball. The flat crochet did not appeal to me. Then I decided I would knit strap. I cast on and knit for about 4" before I decided it was too wide and I was going to run out of yarn I tried and and did about 14" before I decided to rip it out and start is now quarter to midnight and am casting on :once again: for the strap.  I finished using every last scrap about 1:15 in the morning and woke up early next day to felt in my mom's washer because she has a top load washer before I had to drive back home 2 hours to work at 11.  Crazy, I know.  So there are many variables in felting or fulling whichever you prefer to call it.  Bottom line. Watch it.  I could have stopped this process earlier had I been paying attention but what can I say, it was early and I just let it agitate for about 15 mins. before I checked it.  Learn from my mistakes people.  Now, I say mistake but the bag is not a total loss the strap is just the right length and the bag is much smaller but I am thinking of adding a zipper to the top and that may give it more structure.  Here it is :

An experiment to say the least and a cute bag at the most.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Markers and Fans!

So our knitting group was the lucky recipients of more stitch marker coolness from Jean. 
These are the three I picked out :
And now I will introduce my two day I will have real fans, like people, but for now, these are my favs :

They just don't make 'em like they used to.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010


ok jus cuz I thought it was funny....
"Oh, nooooo!" the tiny people screamed. "She's come for's Lexa-zillah!"
In other news, I am going to make somthing pretty of of this lusciousness that I have been lusting over for months :

I am definately a high twist kinda girl. Splity yarn makes me wonder along the lines of toilet bowls in China, if the earth is spinning at an opposite occilation, out of control, and towards certain doom. Not really, but it does piss me off no end.
I can't really afford this yarn right now but you only live once right? I heart CMSA.
I mean it has the three words that I usually splurge on one ingredient at a time, all mixed together in one yummy little squishy ball of joy. :Gush:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WIP it good

So I thought it was high time I posted about somethings I am doing here myself.  Problem is, I've got a lot of high security top secret knitting going on and I can't reveal my progress yet.
So in the meantime I frogged back my Koolhaas and started over. The plus side to this, is the pattern is starting to make more sense to me the more I knit it.  This looks much better.
Yarn : Jitterbug by Collinette - Velvet Leaf (2 strands)

In other news, our group KAL is the Alligator Scarf from Moorehouse.  He has yet to be named I am sure he will tell me his name before I am completely finished, but for now he is keeping it to himself.  Maybe he is a shy gator.  This is a pic of him from a couple of weeks ago :
I probably have 5 more ridge rows done and about 7 more to go.  Usually I try to do one ridge before bed but again with all my other projects he has been taking a back burner. Sometimes I wish I had these to make me knit all the faster :

Golden Snitch Knitting Needles by Stringfellow